Guide for Suppliers

The Body Love Box is the friendly, fat-positive, body-positive, intersectional and LGBTQIAP+-affirming monthly subscription box that improves body image and supports marginalized artists. This intersectional monthly swag and resource kit includes 5-7 full-size items each month.

Your business is a good fit for the box if you create items that reflect life in a fat body and/or you identify as part of a marginalized population (fat folks, people of color and the LGBTQIAP+ community. 


Getting Started

Please apply to be a Body Love Box supplier by emailing with a short introduction to you, your business and products, and a link to your website and/or social media presences, plus the information below on your products.

Right now, we're only accepting items that cost under $6 each at wholesale rates. For each product you'd like to sell, please provide:

  • Product name
  • What is it? (Art print, card, magnet, button, scarf, etc.)
  • Image or product listing (e.g., Etsy listing) so I can see what it is
  • Dimensions OR will it fit in a 9" x 6" x 2" box?
  • Wholesale pricing and minimum order
  • Shipping cost for minimum wholesale amount
  • Lead time (how much time will it take you to make and ship it to me?)

Applications are generally accepted or rejected within two calendar weeks. You'll receive a reply via email.

If your application is accepted, I'll add you to my supplier list. Each month's box has a different theme, and once I identify a month where your products fit with the theme, I'll contact you and give you plenty of lead time to create and ship your items. 

Ready to sell? Get in touch at 


  • When estimating your lead time for orders, consider how long it will take you to make a large quantity of items. Making 200 bars of soap will take a lot longer than making 20! Assume that any order you receive from the Body Love Box will be for at least 100 items, and estimate from there.

  • For lead time, also consider how long it will take you to receive any supplies you need to fill a large order.

  • Think about presentation. Your products will be going straight into the Body Love Box. What do they need to look great when the customer first sees them? Cellophane bags or wrappers? Paper sleeves? Be sure to account for those in your costs and lead times.

  • Do you have multiple small items, like small stickers or pins, that could get lost in crinkle paper or damaged/crumpled if they slide around in shipping? Be sure to put them in a cellophane bag or wrapper.

  • Use this chance to introduce customers directly to your business! Feel free to add a business card to each product, or include a stack with your order. If they're not attached to your products, I'll add one business card to each box for you.

  • If your product can be broken, crushed or mangled in its journey to me, please pack it extra carefully with lots of cushioning. 

  • If your shipment to me includes a tracking number, please send that number to me so I can keep an eye on the shipment.

  • If you're running behind on creating and shipping your order, please let me know ASAP! It's very important that shipments arrive on time so that the Body Love Box can go out to customers on schedule.

  • Feel free to help promote the Body Love Box on your own social media pages. It helps Box customers find you and generates more Box sales so that your next order from me can be even more profitable for you!

  • Got questions? Email me any time at