Guide for Retailers

The Body Love Box is the friendly, fat-positive, body-positive, intersectional and LGBTQIAP+-affirming monthly subscription box that improves your customers' body image and supports marginalized artists. This fat-positive, intersectional monthly swag and resource kit includes 5-7 full-size items each month:

- Zines from old-school fat acceptance to new self-care
- Resources, coupons and goodies around sex positivity, role models, care and feeding of the body you have right now, and more
- Artwork and swag from marginalized artists: fat, superfat, POCs, and LGBT+

Retail boxes include an exterior label on each box with that box's theme and contents, so you won't need to sacrifice inventory as "sample" boxes. 


Pricing & Shipping

- Base wholesale rate: $31 per box (your choice of theme from quantities in stock)

- Minimum order: 10 boxes

- Mixed lot (our choice of themes): Additional 5% off wholesale rate

- Order 50+ boxes: Additional 5% off wholesale rate

- Order 100+ boxes: Additional 5% off wholesale rate

- Suggested retail price: $40-50

- Turnaround time: 15 business days from placing order to receiving boxes (orders of 50+ or custom themes may take a little longer; please inquire)

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