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Fat Girl Magic Print


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Product Description

This custom fat unicorn artwork from fat-positive artist Shelby Bergen is exclusive to the Body Love Box! This is the only place it can be purchased. This 5x7-inch print features a brown-skinned, lavender-horned unicorn babe dressed in a tank top, high-waisted pants, boots and a feather boa. The words "FAT MAGIC" surround her, and her horn sparkles cheerfully. Each print comes with a protective cardboard backing and is enclosed in a plastic sleeve. Shelby Bergen is an illustrator and cat enthusiast from the suburbs outside of Minneapolis. She loves using bright colors, patterns and shapes in her illustrations. Shelby's favorite subjects include cute kids, animals and plus size people. She prides herself on keeping her work diverse, focusing on showcasing different types of bodies. When Shelby isn't making art, she spends her time petting soft cats, drinking coffee and reading comic books. She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration December of 2016.

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