Market Your Business In The Body Love Box:

Reach your ideal customers quickly and easily

If your business is grounded in body positive, fat acceptance or health at every size (HAES) principles, including your marketing items in the Body Love Box is a great way to quickly and easily reach prospective customers who are aligned with your values.



What kinds of businesses can take advantage of Body Love Box outreach?

I vet all businesses before including any marketing materials in the Body Love Box to protect my customers. Your business must be based on body positive, fat positive, fat acceptance, Health at Every Size and/or intuitive eating principles to be included. 

If you're advertising apparel, your sizing must go up to at least a size 36 or offer custom measurements.

Your business MAY NOT promote intentional weight loss, dieting, "lifestyle changes" for weight loss, cleanses, or any other body-negative materials. 

My reputation is riding on you, so I will be checking out your public presence carefully before accepting your materials.

How much does this cost?

The cost is $30 per 100 business cards or flyers you want to send out, due before you ship me your cards/flyers. 

If you're providing one or more items of value along with your business card or flyer, there's no charge. An item "of value" must be a desirable item of some kind that is not first and foremost an advertising vehicle. For example, you might include a sticker with a body-positive saying or a fun fat-positive keychain. These must be approved in advance; any shipments randomly delivered to me without approval will be returned to sender.

What about coupons and discounts?

Paper coupons and discounts can be included in the Body Love box for $20 per 100 coupons. 

What about nonprofits?

If you're a registered nonprofit that meets the criteria in "What kinds of businesses" above, I'll be happy to include your materials for half price.

Can I target my items by customer location?

If your product or service is applicable worldwide, your item(s) will go out in all the boxes. If not, designate one or more U.S. states or one or more countries, and your item(s) will only be included in boxes going to those areas. 

How many should I send? When will they go out?

I suggest sending 100 cards, flyers and/or items of value to start with. I'll keep you updated on how many are going out in boxes.

If I have fewer of your item(s) on hand than I have boxes to go out, I'll use them until I run out. If I have more of your item(s) on hand than boxes to go out that month, I'll save the rest for the next appropriate monthly box.

What size should my items of value be?

The maximum size item that can be included in the box is 7" length x 5" height x 1.75" height. Please don't send items that are very heavy for their size, as that affects my shipping rates.

Can you give me some ideas for items people will like?

The more interesting or useful you can make your item, the more likely people will be to keep and use it (and thus keep your contact information on hand).  

Here are some items that might resonate well:

- Keychains or buttons with body-positive slogans or designs.

- Paper copies of a useful article you've written or a set of resources you've put together, with a short advertisement at the bottom. This is a great way to re-use blog posts.

- A postcard with a body-positive design or a beautiful photo on one side and your business info on the other. (Check out for stock photography that's perfect for this.)

How do I get started?

Email me at or fill out the site contact form to apply. Please include this information:

1. A brief introduction to your business and how it relates to body positivity, fat acceptance or Health at Every Size

2. Links to your website and major social media presences

3. Your physical location and where you'd like your materials to be targeted (see "Can I target my items")

4. What materials and/or items of value you'd like to send out

Got questions? Just send me an email at