The monthly body acceptance boost for humans who live in bodies


Here's how it works

1. Choose your plan

2. Get your monthly box

3. Revel in more body love

What's in the Box


The Body Love Box is the friendly, fat-positive, body-positive, intersectional and LGBTQIAP+-affirming monthly subscription box that improves your body image, supports marginalized artists and feeds your cat. (Not guaranteed to feed your cat.)

Your fat-positive, intersectional monthly swag and resource kit includes 5-7 full-size items each month, plus coupons and discounts. You'll receive:

» Artwork by fat and marginalized artists

» Body liberation books and zines

» Self-care items

» Info on resources in your area

» Coloring pages

» Body positive stickers, pins, buttons, collectibles and trinkets

» Health at Every Size® and intuitive eating exploration

You'll receive a box around the 10th of each month.

Living Wages for Artists


Many subscription boxes depend on free or heavily discounted products from their contributing businesses to be profitable.

The Body Love Box DOES NOT work this way. Every person who contributes a product to the box gets paid a fair, living wage for their work.

When you subscribe to the Body Love Box, you're directly contributing to marginalized artists' livelihoods and helping make it possible for them to continue their work.